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Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy is a global management consulting firm offering technology services and outsourcing.

We are advisers on business strategy.

We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses.

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We are agents for change leading innovation in green energy; providing global insights through strategic planning

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Are you looking for methods to live green? If so, then Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy offers best learning methods for eco-friendly awareness. This environmental friendly organization is highly devoted in giving you solid platform on training and learning. Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy and its Green Books are perfectly technological enabled and appropriate for management learning. Entrepreneurs who are enthusiast to attain business targets within less time for them Green Book is the profitable answer. With this book you can easily increase your revenue, boost market share, and at the same time can protect the planet from various pollution flaws.

If you are someone who is bookish or keen towards reading, for them good books are the best sources to spark knowledge. There are ample of companies those are not environmental conscious. Creating a sustainable future and bringing a distinction to our planet can be done with green awareness. Basically, there are two essential factors that measure the creativity of a company: growth in terms of money and rarity of your products, services and ideas. But the prime thing is to enfold your creativity into action and then implement it in the right area. Let how small your motivation may be, it can drive and bring good fortune.

In such circumstances, you need good investment to get started. For this you need creative ideas that can implement to change your business and at the same time bring green methods. Have you ever gone through green books? Is your home an environmental friendly sustainable home? Do you feel that you lack more on eco-friendly awareness? If so, then green books are the ultimate sources where you can grow your knowledge, skill and idea on green living lifestyle. is the best provider of green awareness and various methods to safeguard the earth. This organization will offer you effectual and amazing method to become a more erudite environmental friendly individual.