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Green Management

At Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy we know that management is both an art and a science.

It is the art of making people more effective than they would have been without you.

The science is in how you do that.

There are four basic pillars :





Green Management Services – Right Business Management Consultant -

These days, organization those into green management are offering pretty information and ways to perk up business process. These types of services can relate to business, IT management, accounting, leadership strategy and others. Organizations those into green management consulting have experts who have expertise on specific industry and at the same time have ability to deal with various problems and find solutions for it. Lots of planning methods are implemented to bring changes in the company management and other sectors. Green management services consulting organizations carefully alter the management structure and process. This type of change gives new dimension to a company and makes its profile better in the specific business industry.

Here is an example;

Four workers can make 6 units in an eight-hour shift without a manager.

If I hire you to manage them and they still make 6 units a day, what is the benefit to my business of having hired you? On the other hand, if they now make 8 units per day, you, the manager, have value.

The same analogy applies to service, or retail, or teaching, or any other kind of work.

Can your group handle more customer calls with you than without?

Sell higher value merchandise?

Impart knowledge more effectively? etc.

That is the value of management; making a group of individual more effective. At Smart independent world wide consultancy we take this all these factors into consideration.


Management starts with planning. Good management starts with good planning. And proper prior planning prevents… well, you know the rest of that one.

Without a plan you will never succeed. If you happen to make it to the goal, it will have been by luck or chance and is not repeatable. You may make it as a flash-in-the-pan, an overnight sensation, but you will never have the track record of accomplishments of which success is made.

tip: One of the most often overlooked management planning tools is the most effective. Ask the people doing the work for their input.


After a plan has been formulated, we help you make it happen. Is everything ready ahead of your group so the right stuff will get to your group at the right time? Is your group prepared to do its part of the plan? Is the downstream organization ready for what your group will deliver and when it will arrive?


Now we flip the "ON" switch. Tell people what they need to do. I like to think of this part like conducting an orchestra. Everyone in the orchestra has the music in front of them. They know which section is playing which piece and when. They know when to come in, what to play, and when to stop again.


At this point we would have got everything moving, you have to keep an eye on things. Make sure everything is going according to the plan. When it isn't going according to plan, we will step in help you our client adjust the plan.

Managing people is not easy. However, it can be done successfully. And it can be a very rewarding experience. Remember that management, like any other skill, is something that you can improve at with study and practice.