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At Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy, we continually look for ways to create value for our clients.

We do that first and foremost by delivering high performance services & ideas around the world.

Over the years, our work has introduced us to some of the world’s most experienced and innovative executives.

Several years ago, we saw an opportunity to bring these ideas & executives together across industries and geographies.

Today, we have discovered new ways to create significant value for our client executives and for Smart independent.

The company was founded in Edinburgh by Jackson Mutebi in 2009 with the sole aim of offering advice to the diverse green business fraternity, but with specific emphasis on “Greenovation”. Greenovation simply refers to finding eco friendly and sustainable solutions in the way global business and management is carried out. With the dwindling resources of mother Earth, rose the need to find effective ways of managing and alerting all forces shaping global resource utilisation to the benefits of working to and following a strict code as we collectively safeguard our fragile planet.

I have been personally involved in many of these networks and know how powerful it can be to get exposure to ideas from beyond the walls of your own organization.

It is energizing, in fact, to share innovative and fresh thinking—and gain insights and perspectives that can lead to high performance. Also, having members who represent academia, not-for-profit and the public sectors adds yet another dimension that can influence and shift our thinking.

One of our most active networks is the Smart independent world wide consultancy COO Circle, a community of operating executives from the world’s leading organizations.

A unique aspect of this group is that members drive the content and discussion agendas to ensure their interactions are relevant, timely and valuable.

Recent discussions have explored such topics as maximizing leadership development and talent management; improving collaboration between business and government; and navigating the economic downturn.

The COO Circle and our other executive networks give Smart independent world wide consultancy and me personally—an important connection to the marketplace: to keep a pulse on economic trends and to better understand the common issues and challenges facing business leaders. The opportunity we have to listen is hugely important in helping us remain relevant and responsive to our clients’ changing needs.

I am delighted that Smart independent world wide consultancy is able to serve our client executives and network members in this way.

These types of executive networks are an important opportunity for us to deliver value and help executives tackle their specific challenges on the road to economic recovery and to high performance.

Jackson Mutebi

Chairman & CEO

Smart Independent World Wide Consultancy