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Green Programme

Smart Green Corporate Social Sustainability Program - re –engineering our corporate social sustainability initiative and campaigns through all stakeholders creating green awareness about environment issues it’s benefits to all stakeholders the youth, the all green charity organisations.

Our smart green sustainability program focus on green social factors, green political factors, green economic factors, and green technological affecting the 7 green stake holders.

Our Smart Green Global Sustainability Goals Entail

1. Indentifying through green market intelligence green social gaps, green economical gaps, green technological gaps, green political gaps within green global communities or 7 green stakeholders.

2. Eco –designs and green re-think the best green strategic approach , the green value proposition and eco –global sustainability program to through our smart green game changer tools

3. Eoc-select , eco -train and eco –brief our smart global sustainability team namely.

• Smart green global innovation circles

• Smart green innovation club

• Smart green global opinion leaders

• Smart green global Ambassadors

• Smart green global celebrity

• Smart green global community leaders

Smart Green Global Sustainability Team

The right green strategic approaches yet green tactics in achieve a total smart green global sustainability bottom line.

3. Green collaborate through eco –smart awareness community programs and green communication mix with our smart green global sustainability team to achieve the green value total satisfaction and green value proposition for all 7 stakeholders.

4. Eco – designs eco smart- Audit and re-enforce the affordable eco – smart carbon metrics performance measures for all the 7 green stakeholders to suite their green global communities.

1. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green customers

2. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green employees

3. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green governments

4. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green suppliers

5. Eco- carbon scoreboard for green banks

6. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green referrals

7. Eco-carbon scoreboard for green employers

Our smart green game changer smart green charity sustainability magic formula focuses on the following.

1 eco –bottle of water + 1 Eco innovation book +1 tree planting + 1 eco-shirt+ one shirt = smart green sustainable world